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Services Offered

Peaceful Potato is offering:

  • Yoga Classes

  • Cooking Classes

  • Art and Crafts, Drawing, and Painting Classes

  • Life Coaching

  • Life Skills and Tutoring Training

  • Zumba Classes

  • Nutrition Classes

  • Pilates Classes 

  • Group Games/Social

  • Book Club 

  • Cardio and Strength Coach

All classes can be funded through Public Partnership and Easter Seals through DDD NJ and also are offered for out of pocket services serving children, and adults with developmental disabilities and the general population. 

On the Treadmill

Cardio & Strength Coach

This activity is designed to fit your fitness goals. This customizable class could range anywhere from a virtual walking buddy (whether that's outside or on the treadmill), strength training with or without weights, cool downs, etc. We will customize a plan that works for your wants and needs. Coach will motivate the individual with much positivity. 

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